TechSafe Aviation has more than 150 years of diverse aviation experience that allows us to deliver cost effective solutions to our customers. We offer a wide range of services from traditional compliance based audits to innovative risk managed transport solutions. Through our partners we can also offer a wide range of additional services to create the “one stop shop” for all your aviation service needs.

Our proven skill sets allows us to provide services to all facets of the aviation industry and the customers that need to travel and wish to manage their associated risks to ensure compliant and effective solutions.

A key focus of TechSafe is to empower our clients to ensure that they can recognise and then manage their risks in a sustainable way, thus ensuring a successful and profitable operation.


Rob Collins

Director/Principal Consultant

Rob has over 35 years in the Aviation Industry with roles from line flying to executive management. With over 16 years as a regulator Rob was responsible for the creation of a new business model for service delivery, which culminated in better efficiency for the customers and a Prime Ministers Award for Excellence. Rob has a strong background in safety management and is the author of an award winning safety management book.

Mike Horneman

Director/Principal Consultant

Mike has over 50 years aviation experience as a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Flight Engineer, Airline Pilot and safety regulation administration in Australia and Indonesia. He has experience in safety management systems training, implementation and supporting systems. Mike has collaborated in the delivery of CASA’s Regulatory Reform Program. He was Program Leader for the Australian Federal Government’s Indonesian Transport Safety Assistance Package (ITSAP) to the Indonesian DGCA and the Indonesian ANSP, AOCs and AMOs. Mike has a proven background in delivering safe and effective solutions.

Steve Bellamy

Director / Senior Consultant / Quality Manager

With a successful global aviation career spanning 30+ years Steve is one of Australia’s leading aviation consultants. With broad ranging senior experience providing strategic aviation consultancy, airline management, corporate strategy, aircraft maintenance engineering and safety, all driven from first-hand experience whilst operating in and managing charter, FIFO and airline operations.

Steve has been the Accountable Manager/CEO for Air Operators Certificates and has a deep aviation industry knowledge and has completed several high level consultancy projects in operational, management, and organisational restructuring for the aviation sector. With a wide network of aviation contacts in Australia and internationally, Steve brings a wealth of experience to TechSafe Aviation’s management team and as a qualified lead auditor he manages the audit teams within Techsafe.

Lisa Khoury


Lisa’s aviation career has been diverse to include many aspects of the industry. She recently held positions of Safety Manager, Quality Manager and Pilot for an Australian based airline.

Lisa commenced flying in 1989 and has accumulated over 5000 hours’ flight time in aeroplanes. Areas of experience include, a grade 1 flight instructor, freight pilot, airlines, safety and quality management, lead auditor, human factors non-technical skills facilitator, and independent consultant.

Non-aviation related experience includes a department of justice trained mediator and president of a not for profit incorporated association.

Gavin Burley


Gavin has over  35 years in Aviation maintenance with experience in single engine helicopters, engine overhaul and regional aircraft.

As a Licenced Engineer Gavin has assisted several companies in rewriting Expositions and moving successfully to the new Australian CASA rules and regulations. He has held the position of Licenced Engineer, Chief Engineer, Engineering Manager and Regulator appointed position of Responsible Manager for a regional airline operating in Queensland.

Gavin completed a ten year career in the Defence Force before moving to the civil arena and gaining employment with an Engine Manufacturer and local and overseas Domestic regional carriers.

Gavin is a qualified Lead Auditor and focuses on airworthiness and engineering processes for Techsafe.