Virtual Aviation Department

Virtual Aviation Department

TechSafe Aviation specialises in all aspects of aviation management including technical, operational, business development, auditing, and compliance capabilities.

Servicing a broad scope of industries including the mining, energy and resources sectors as well as the aviation industry, TechSafe Aviation can provide your organisation with a complete suite of services and reporting all through a single provider.

Some large companies have extensive aviation departments to cover their requirements and others leave the process to nonaviation procurement staff from other areas of the business.

Either model can work but is this the best way for your business to manage its exposure to aviation risks?

Through TechSafe Aviation’s unique blend of knowledge and experience we are able to offer a holistic solution to manage your aviation risks. Our solution provides aviation expertise on call, without the need or cost of a specialist department.

The “Virtual Aviation Department” is a scalable product that can manage as much or as little of your aviation requirements. With a tailored package you can ensure you have the appropriate resources to meet your oversight responsibilities but not commit any more time and money than is necessary.

TechSafe Aviation’s virtual aviation department’s solutions can include:

  • Management and oversight of your company’s aviation policy.
  • Management of suppliers of aviation services including tendering, selection, and auditing.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies to achieve your company’s aviation requirements.
  • Safety management and reporting for your suppliers and company staff when using aviation services.
  • Safety and risk training for your staff using aviation services.
  • Aviation infrastructure procurement, design, and management.
  • Management of your aviation contracts and logistic solutions.
  • Aviation project management.

Having the TechSafe Aviation virtual aviation department on your side will ensure your business has appropriate safety and risk management measures in place to provide cost effective, safe, and reliable outcomes.