Standards & Policies

TechSafe Aviation can develop your aviation policies and contract standards tailored to your company’s requirements. Our risk based methodology ensures that the policies provide the lowest possible risk for your business.

Audit & Compliance

TechSafe Aviation can audit your company and your aircraft operators to any industry or agreed standard and provide a comprehensive report upon completion. TechSafe Aviation’s auditors are accredited and have experience in performing regulatory audits, BARS audits, ISBAO audits, customer audits and general safety audits.

Risk Management

TechSafe Aviation offers risk management solutions, training and support to all aviation industry participants. All risk management products can be tailored to your exact needs.

Safety Management

Techsafe Aviation can deliver the framework, tools and training to introduce, refresh or transition your safety management system, so that it is suitable for the size and complexity of your company.

Technical Solutions

TechSafe Aviation can provide technical and regulatory solutions to all aviation industry participants. With proven experience in engineering, flight operations, executive management, infrastructure management and regulatory approvals, we can assist your business in managing its technical related aviation requirements.

Aviation Consultancy

TechSafe Aviation can deliver aviation consultancy services, training and support to all sectors of the aviation industry. Our team has experience at all levels of aviation operations enabling us to tailor our services and solutions to meet your needs.

Aviation Infrastructure

TechSafe Aviation specialises in all aspects of aviation infrastructure including design, planning, management and compliance capabilities.

Virtual Aviation Department

TechSafe Aviation can offer your company a tailored “virtual aviation department” by drawing on our diverse expertise and resources. With many years of operational experience we can offer you a cost effective solution to all of your aviation management requirements.

Managing Fatigue

Techsafe Aviation can deliver fatigue management plans and systems to suit your business and your staff through the use of scientifically proven models and wearable devices.