Audit & Compliance

Audit & Compliance

TechSafe Aviation specialises in all aspects of aviation safety including a range of auditing and compliance capabilities.

Servicing a broad scope of industries including the mining, energy, and resources sectors as well as the aviation industry, TechSafe Aviation can provide your organisation with a complete suite of safety services and reporting.

TechSafe Aviation provides leading risk-based audit and compliance services. By using a risk-based methodology we can ensure the results meet your requested outcomes and provide a value for money solution.

TechSafe Aviation has qualified, experienced and proven auditors who can provide a high quality product with minimum interruption to your daily business.

Audits can be tasked to varying levels of investigation ranging from short desktop assessments to routine on site audits and culminating in detailed forensic audits. Each scope has its own advantages and disadvantages, so by using TechSafe Aviation’s risk-based methodology we can ensure that the appropriate level of oversight is targeted to the right areas.

With experience in safety audits, regulatory audits, BARS audits, IS-BAO audits, company standards audits, quality audits, management system auditing and forensic audits, TechSafe Aviation has the proven knowledge and the right people to provide you with a solution.

By contracting TechSafe Aviation as your auditor we can tailor a program to meet your requirements. TechSafe Aviation can provide you with a single source for contractor management, supplier approvals and reporting to ensure a compliant and cost effective solution.