Flight Safety Foundation Basic Aviation Risk Standard Audits

Flight Safety Foundation
Basic Aviation Risk Audits

From 1 December 2023 TechSafe Aviation is a registered audit company for the Flight Safety Foundation BARS Program.

TechSafe Aviation can provide your organisation with FSF-BARS auditors covering all BAR standards, including:

  • Contracted Aviation Operations – BARS CAO
  • Utility and Energy – BARS UE
  • Remote Piloted aircraft Systems – BARS RPAS
  • Offshore Helicopter Operations – BARS OHO
  • Animal Management (aerial mustering) – BARS Animal Management and
  • Aerial Work Operations -BARS AW

TechSafe Aviation has qualified, experienced and proven auditors who can provide a high quality product with minimum interruption to your daily business.

For further information on the FSF-BARS please see: https://flightsafety.org/bars/bars-audit-program/

For more information on how Techsafe Aviation can assist with your next BARS audit please “Contact Us”.