Aviation Graduate Service

As the new CASRs roll out and as customer expectations rise, there is an increasing requirement for Safety Management Systems (SMS).

An SMS is a collaborative combination of people, processes and tools. It will be less than fully effective if you have not got the right people for the job, efficacious processes and useful tools that everyone understands and can use.

In my experience some SMS fail because the person managing the system has not got the required knowledge or enthusiasm for the job. They do not understand the basics, so any business must ensure that they employ someone who is knowledgeable and can grow with the organization.

The cost of recruiting is always an issue; the advertising, the screening, the costs associated if someone does not work out and leaves or is terminated early in the tenure of employment.

The Aviation Graduate Service (AGS) has been established to reduce recruitment costs to industry, provide job opportunities for aviation tertiary graduates, and as much as possible minimize the chance of employing a misfit.

AGS is part of the Avlaw International Group and has a data base of enthusiastic graduates who may be suitable for your aviation business. AGS selects the best graduate for your situation through an initial screening process, and facilitates up to one month work experience at no cost to the employer.

If you are interested in finding a good and enthusiastic person for your aviation business please contact the AGS It seems to me that AGS is an idea whose time has come.