Breathe Life into your SMS

Just like a human being, a Safety Management System (SMS) should be alive!

For those who think that I’ve had one too many cups of coffee, let me assure you that I have not and for all intents and purposes, I think I’m perfectly normal.

A SMS must be a living and dynamic thing that can grow as your organization grows and matures. In my book, “Safety Management without the Mumbo Jumbo”, I likened it to a potted plant that must be fed and watered.

In my experience, the interesting thing is that many organizations do little or nothing to foster the growth and vitality of their safety management investment. Just like me with my morning coffee, they are convinced that their SMS is ‘normal’ and the mediocre results are all one can expect from a SMS.

I think that it is very important that the owners and senior management of any business assures themselves that the SMS is adding value.

Having an independent assessment is useful; someone who knows what they’re doing, can assess the efficacy of the SMS and provide advice as to how it can be improved. This external view is so important and useful. Not only will it improve the SMS, it will provide valuable assurance that the money spent on the Safety Management System is money well spent and not money down the drain!

Breathe life into your safety management system and have someone knowledgeable look at it and provide pragmatic improvement suggestions.

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